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The Rock Hall's mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock & roll is important. Learn about our history, building, economic impact and more.

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Rock Hall Mission



Your support for the Rock Hall means world-class exhibitions made accessible to the public, a serious investment in arts education and a central gathering place in Cleveland where everyone is welcome to find inspiration.



Learn about the unique benefits available to members, and choose the membership level that's right for you! Help us deliver on our mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock & roll by becoming a member like today!

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When you’re a part of the Rock Hall family, you unlock special offers and content even beyond your member or donor benefits. Current members and donors can click below to access this section.



The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame seeks to build long-lasting relationships with Cleveland community organizations.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is itself a non-profit organization, but we provide generous in-kind support to the hundreds of worthwhile organizations located throughout Northeast Ohio. In 2008, we donated more than $80,000 to support local events and charitable causes.

In 2015, the Rock Hall was one of just 25 nonprofits designated a member of the “Commission 50" by a Greater Cleveland Partnership program called the Commission on Economic Inclusion. This honor recognizes the organization's significant accomplishments regarding diversity and inclusion.


Onsite Education Programs

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s onsite education programs, Toddler Rock and Rockin’ The Schools are among the most celebrated and award-winning emanating from any fine arts museum in the nation.


Online Education

Rock Hall EDU is a free online tool for teachers who want to bring our mission to engage, teach, and inspire through the power of rock & roll in their own classrooms. Here you’ll find videos, activities, artifacts, playlists, and other materials we’ve created and curated specifically for educators.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Library and Archives

Library & Archives

Our Library & Archives is the most comprehensive repository of materials relating to the history of rock & roll. We collect, preserve, and provide free access to these resources for scholars, educators, students, journalists, and the general public in order to broaden awareness and understanding of rock & roll, its roots, and its impact on our society.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Preserves Artifacts That Tell Rock's History to Fans

Artifact Preservation

Our curatorial and collections team develop and build immersive exhibits using our collection of millions of unique artifacts and archival materials. These “jewels” are cared for and interpreted according to national museum standards.

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