The "5" Royales

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    Steve Cropper
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    Early Influences


The vocal group became a cornerstone of the soul music to come.

Although they sometimes fell short of commercial success, many of their greatest songs were made popular by such stars as James Brown and Aretha Franklin.

Hall of Fame Essay


Joe McEwen

When it comes to a sound that cannot be copied by any other group, the ‘5’ Royales have it. Even though many have tried to copy the group, none have succeeded, as the group has an original sound and way of interpreting a song that no other vocalist can copy.

This bit of King Records hyperbole, a blurb accompanying the complimentary DJ 45-RPM release of “Women About to Make Me Go Crazy,” was absolutely true when the record was issued in 1955, and for the group the “5” Royales, even bigger things were just around the bend.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 2015
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Steve Cropper Inducting the 5 Royales into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
their voices both blended and stood apart.
Steve Cropper



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