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    Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb (The Bee Gees)
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ABBA made waves in the pop culture of the seventies that still resonate today.

Producing one infectious hit after another, ABBA inspired a movie, a musical, and a mania. Thirty years later, their popularity is still going strong. 

Hall of Fame Essay


Jim Farber

Yes, the way ABBA dressed could qualify them for a lifetime achievement award on What Not to Wear, the way they piled their harmonies and instruments on top of each other could make Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound seem like a modest lark, and the joy their songs exuded suggested a level of pleasure that bordered on the lunatic.

Yet ABBA’s songs also hold a sophistication, beauty, and rarity that accounts for more of their undying and still broadening success than people commonly acknowledge.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2010 Induction Ceremony Program Cover
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Their music will live forever

Robin Gibb



Photography: Getty/WireImage

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