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    Eric Clapton (Cream, The Yardbirds)
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The Band’s earthy synthesis of country and early rock drew on folklore and fable, attaining near mythic static itself.

Revered for their musical prowess and unique blend of sounds, the Band has performed everywhere with everyone. Who else can say they backed Bob Dylan, played Watkins Glen with Grateful Dead and gave a farewell concert with Neil Young, Muddy Waters and Joni Mitchell immortalized on film by Martin Scorsese? The Band, more than any other group, put rock and roll back in touch with its roots.

Hall of Fame Essay


John Swenson

Few debut albums had such far-reaching impact as The Band’s 1968 release Music From Big Pink. The Band went com­pletely against the grain of the existing pop mainstream to produce some of the most enduring music in history. 

The strident political mes­sages and introverted lyric fantasies of psychedelia and the frenzied instrumental soloing of a genre suddenly freed from the strictures of the three-minute single were the dominant tropes of rock style at the time.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program 1994
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1994 Inductees The Band
a standard of craft that really didn’t bow down to any kind of commerciality
Eric Clapton

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