The Beach Boys

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The Beach Boys embodied the sun-kissed dream of California, courtesy of their buoyant surf-rock vibe and heavenly harmonies.

Thanks to the imagination, vision and production gifts of Brian Wilson, however, the group also reinvented what pop music could sound like.

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Michael Hill

The Beach Boys started out strictly as a family affair. The Wilson brothers, brought up in the Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, had always been around music; their father, Murry, had been a professional songwriter, and Brian, the  oldest son, had studied music theory in school.

According to writer David Teaf, the boys simply happened upon their gift for harmonies: "In the bedroom they shared, Brian taught his younger brothers to sing. Drummer Dennis and lead guitarist Carl learned the harmonies that Brian had ab­sorbed from countless listenings to Four Freshmen and Hi-Lo’s records. Joining in at holiday gatherings was Mike Love, the Wilson brothers’ first cousin.”  

Al Jardine, a teammate of Brian’s on the Hawthorne High football squad and a folk-music fan, rounded out this informal group.

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They are what America is, a very wonderful place.
Elton John