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    Howard Stern
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Over 120 million albums sold. More than 2,600 concerts around the world. They've seen well over a million faces- and yes, rocked them all.

Bon Jovi redefined the rock anthem by dominating arenas and captivating audiences with hooks that continue to define the decade. 

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Robert Santelli

In the beginning, the strategy was straightforward and simple: Write well-crafted rock songs with a deliberate pop sheen, play your heart out every time you take the stage, always exceed the expectations of your fans, have fun, and look good.

Thirty-four years later, with millions of records sold, a batch of Number One albums and singles, world tours, and international fame, you might say the Bon Jovi plan was a pretty good one.

In fact, it was a damn good one.

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no stupid rock and roll attitude, just humbly gracious
Howard Stern



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