Buffalo Springfield

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During their short tenure as a band, Buffalo Springfield brought together brilliant songwriters and musical powerhouses that set the tone for Seventies folk- and country-rock.

Buffalo Springfield were the short-lived yet influential band that united such superstars as Neil Young and Stephen Stills. Aptly named for a steamroller, they charged through their two-year tenure with such enduring, politically-charged songs as “For What It’s Worth.”

Hall of Fame Essay


Michael Hill

Lots of bands got their start on the Sunset Strip, but none quite so literally as Buffalo Springfield. 

The band was thrown together on the Los Angeles boulevard in early 1966, when Stephen Stills and Richie Furay, two folk refugees from New York City, were stuck in traffic and spotted a hearse with Canadian plates that obviously wasn't heading to a funeral.

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They were beautiful harmonies, a psychedelic orchestra.
Tom Petty



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