Chaka Khan

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    Jazmine Sullivan
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    Musical Excellence
Chaka Khan's gold signature.

Funk queen, rock goddess, jazz singer, disco diva – Chaka Khan embodies and transcends these. At a time when audiences for rock and soul were splitting into different camps, Khan’s powerful voice represented the racial and social integration at the heart of rock & roll.



Elysa Gardner

There are many factors that make Chaka Khan’s place in rock & roll history indelible, but let’s start where we must, with the voice. Imagine honey and fire captured in the same bottle, with all their defining qualities – the sweetness and rich texture, the ferocity and heat – somehow kept entirely intact. Add to this mix the inimitable balance of sensuality, muscle, and elegance that has defined Khan’s style – for a great voice alone does not a great singer make – and you’ll understand what artists from Stevie Wonder to Prince to Lizzo have recognized for years: Khan is not only every woman, as one of her most famous songs tells us, but a unique and irrepressible force.

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