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The Clash

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    Tom Morello & The Edge (U2)
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Hall of Fame Essay


Ira Robbins

With the sudden death of Joe Strummer on December 22, 2002, the story of the Clash finally came to an abrupt end.

In fact, the Last Gang in Town, as they called themselves in a song, had packed it in some twenty years earlier, drained of the high ideals and united purpose that had fueled some of the most fervent, exhilarating and provocative rock & roll ever made, No matter.

What the Clash - Joe Strummer (vocals, guitar), Mick Jones (guitar, vocals), Paul Simonon (bass, vocals) and alternating drummers Nicky “Topper” Headon and Terry Chimes - achieved was far greater than what it left on tape or burned in the memories of those who saw the band on ­ stage. It was a reckless force of nature that - on a great night, and there surely were many - relinquished conscious thought for careening energy.

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The Clash played with an unflinching political fire.

Tom Morello

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