Darlene Love

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    Bette Midler
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Darlene Love


There's no doubt about it, you’ve been moved by Darlene Love's voice.

By her own count Love has backed up more than two hundred famous musicians. In her sixty-year career, Love has graced songs as a member of the Blossoms, a backup singer and, of course, her own inimitable self.

Hall of Fame Essay


Andy Schwartz

“He’s a rebel,” “He’s Sure the Boy I Love,” “(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry,” \ “Wait Til’ My Bobby Gets Home,” “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”—if Darlene Love had sung lead only on these five songs and then disappeared from public view, she still would be counted among the finest female vocalists in sixties pop music.

But Love sang much more than just those five songs. Her story is the complex tale of a “singers singer” one whose sound has been far more familiar to the mass audience than her face or her name. Only after years of struggle did a combination of abiding faith, courageous determination, and sheer talent propel her into the solo spotlight.

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the very embodiment of teen spirit in the ’60s.
Bette Midler



Photography: Janet Macoska