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    John Legend
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Dr John


The mystical keyboardist steeped and simmered in the glittery, psychedelic funk of New Orleans.

Dr. John was schooled by New Orleans’ finest, but he gave the music a new twist with his swampy, voodoo charm.

Hall of Fame Essay


Ashley Kahn

It’s a challenge to choose which Dr. John to celebrate first. He hm been active since the rise of rock & roll, and many are the coats he has worn: riff master, R&B guitarist, and boogie-woogie piano professor.

Psychedelic-voodoo-rock shaman and stately New Orleans musical ambassador. Bandleader of top-tier talent and A -list session and/producer. Player of downhome blues and singer of uptown jazz standards-

‘Ain't no difference,” Dr. John said of himself a few years back. “It’s all one sucka in there, however you want to break it down….”

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America’s premier roots musician
John Legend



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