Eddie Cochran

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Eddie Cochran


He sang about teenage angst, wild parties, burning desire and fast cars.

Eddie Cochran sang directly to the American teen over his thick guitar sound. While his career and life were tragically cut short, his influence on rock music is everlasting.

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Michael Hill

It was in June of 1957 that the fourteen-year-old Paul McCartney first met the sixteen-year-old John Lennon, at a suburban-Liverpool church picnic where Lennon’s Quarrymen were playing. 

Between sets, McCartney taught Lennon how to play Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock.” In 1981, the Rolling Stones chose the same song as one of the few covers they performed during the course of their American tour, and it was among the leanest and liveliest numbers in their set. 

Cochran was always highly regarded by British rockers, as he was by British teens in general.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Program 1987
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one of rock’s first guitar stars.
Jann Wenner



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