Fats Domino

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    Billy Joel 
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Fats Domino


"Before Elvis, Jerry Lee, and Chuck Berry there was Fats.

His sweet voice, rolling boogie-woogie piano, and delightful charisma made him a top-selling artist, a worldwide rock star and an inaugural member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame." - Greg Harris, Rock Hall President and CEO.

Hall of Fame Essay


Michael Hill

The New Orleans style of rhythm and blues that Antoine “Fats” Domino grew up playing instantly became part of the brand-new thing called rock and roll. So, to reach the burgeoning young music audience, Fats never had to break away from what was for him a family tradition.

Although he was a Fifties star who could sell more records than almost anyone but Elvis Presley, Fats was more inspired than insurrectionary. Nevertheless, even he couldn’t help generating some controversy.

The Program Cover from the 1986 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
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the man who proved that the piano was a rock and roll instrument
Billy Joel