The Flamingos

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    Frankie Valli (The Four Seasons)
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Nobody’s perfect, but the Flamingos came extremely close.

The Flamingos took listeners higher with sublime harmonies and impeccable arrangements. Today they stand as one of the most sophisticated doo wop groups and most influential vocal groups.

Hall of Fame Essay


Jerry Blavat

The fifties: a time of musical change. 

The place: Chicago, home of the blues, gospel, jazz. Pulsating with rhythm and nightlife. No other city except  perhaps New Orleans has that rhythm. The sounds from the independent labels - Chess, Checker, Chance, Parrot, United, Vee-Jay - are setting the pace. 

The  groups - the Dells, the Spaniels, the El Dorados, the Moonglows - are creating the Chicago sound. Enter into this mix a group called the Swallows, who must change their name because of an existing group. They call  themselves El Flamingos and then the Flamingos.  

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 2001
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