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Two bands for the price of one.

From the whimsical and eccentric Gabriel-era to Collins’ more down to earth reign, Genesis walked the line between boundary-pushing creativity and commercial appeal.

Hall of Fame Essay


Ashley Kahn

If rock bands adjusted their names according to their history, we should be welcoming Regenesis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this evening.

For more than four decades, repeated beginnings - career restarts, musical rethinking - were a Genesis trademark. Theirs has been a musical journey that took the group from innovative, progressive rock to era-defining pop music, from underground adoration to global stardom. They brought forth more than twenty albums that sold an astounding 150 million copies worldwide. They performed on world tours that reached twenty-five million people.

They survived downsizing - in fact were strengthened by it - as time whittled Genesis from five original members to four, to three, and finally to two Genesis overcame challenges that have ended many a rock career, and learned to embrace the unexpected.

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constantly striving for something more than the obvious.
Trey Anastasio