The Jackson 5

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    Diana Ross (The Supremes)
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Not only did the Jackson Five launch the career of Michael Jackson, but the group's own "bubblegum soul" sound—which combined influences from vocal groups, contemporary soul and R&B stars, and classic Motown artists—was enormously successful.

Hall of Fame Essay


Ben Fong-Torres

Call them what will you-  the Jackson 5, the J5, the Jacksons - they were, in the end, Michael and four of his broth­ers. And call him what you will, but Michael Jackson was and is one of the greatest stars ever to grace this business  we call show.

He still sends chills up and down my spine when I play the Jackson 5’s version of “Who’s Lovin’ You,” with its  bluesy curlicues, executed by a singer aged all of eleven years. He still amazes me with his moves - from his preteen spins learned faithfully from James Brown to his post-J5 inventions that placed him in league with Fred Astaire and Neil Armstrong.  

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 1997
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The Jackson 5 and Diana Ross Onstage at the Induction Ceremony
we knew then that it was going to be something special
Diana Ross

Photography: Kevin Mazur, WireImage