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Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash had all the qualities of a country legend: a rich life, a keen instinct for storytelling and an unflinching eye on the world around him.

Cash’s humble beginnings made him an authentic storyteller whose plainspoken narrative songs spoke to the American everyman. He wrote songs prolifically but never carelessly; each one captured a deeper truth and resonated uncannily with the working man.

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Arthur Levy

He's the man in black, “walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.” His six foot-plus, ebon-draped frame has worked itself deep into the American psyche to be­come as familiar to some as Woody Guthrie or Billy the Kid, Geronimo or Luke the Drifter.

Johnny Cash is a little bit of all those American legends. During a career that spans five distinct decades, he has created more than 1,000 compositions that describe a folk hero in transition, singing in his distinctive baritoned-bass voice of coal miners and sharecroppers, cowboys and Native Americans, families and lovers. Invariably, he returns to his early years for strength and inspiration.

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what happens when rural sensibilities and values mix with an urban environment
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