Miles Davis

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    Herbie Hancock
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Miles Davis made waves in the jazz world that rippled throughout rock.

Though he may be a jazz icon, Davis's influence on rock and roll is undeniable. His love of pushing the envelope and experimentation with rock rhythms have influenced punk-funk, grunge and more.

Hall of Fame Essay


Ashley Kahn

Music, like water, finds its own course- ever flowing, seeking what is new and modern. Water is self-propelled; in music, there are those who arrive, push sound and style forward, and, for a few years, define the latest wave and deliver the newest of the new.

Miles Dewey Davis III- trumpeter, visionary, and eternal modernist- was a force of nature. With an ear that disregarded categories of style, he sought out new musical worlds, and generation followed in his footsteps.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 2006
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