The Moonglows

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    Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)
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The R&B group baptized by rock and roll god Alan Freed.

The Moonglows’ time was brief but influential. One of the premier R&B groups of the Fifties, their elegant blend had a rock and roll edge that earned them a spot in the dawning rock movement.


Hall of Fame Essay


Jerry “The Geator” Blavat

Let me take you back to a different time, a time when we were all kids listening to music different from our par­ents’. It was harmony, it was soul, it was rhythm & blues. When I was a kid in South Philadelphia, even before realizing  that one day I would become the Geator, that sound haunted me. 

It was a magi­cal, almost ethereal, harmony. And the one group that blew me away was the Moonglows: Harvey Fuqua, Prentiss Barnes, Alexander “Pete” Graves, Bobby Lester and guitarist Billy Johnson.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program 2000
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