Paul McCartney

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    Neil Young (Buffalo Springfield)
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Like his songwriting foil John Lennon, Paul McCartney cherishes his Beatles legacy but isn't burdened by it.

First with his post-Beatles band Wings and later as a solo artist, Macca has strived to challenge himself, both as a songwriter and collaborator, and isn't afraid of throwing a curveball here and there to keep fans on their toes.

Hall of Fame Essay


Allan Kozin

You probably know Paul McCartney’s music - I mean, who doesn’t?

From the songs he penned in his days as one quarter of the Beatles, through his solo work and his hits with Wings,  his presence on the airwaves has been continuous. 

Perhaps you think of him in quick-cut aural images: “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Yesterday,” “Band on the Run” and “Silly Love Songs,” “My Brave Face” and “Hope of Deliverance,” these intercut with visual impressions  of McCartney in a collarless suit in the Sixties or giving his trademark thumbs-up at the end of a set in the early Nineties.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 1999
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