Peter Gabriel

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    Chris Martin
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Progressive. Exuberant. Intellectual. Peter Gabriel took us to new heights.

Peter Gabriel has taken on as many different roles post-Genesis as the theatrical roles he assumed as the band’s frontman. Whatever Gabriel does—be it writing hit songs or designing avant-garde amusement parks—he does it with style.

Hall of Fame Essay


Will Hermes

There have been many Peter Gabriels:

The Prog rocker who steered the cosmos-minded genre toward Earth; the semi-new waver more focused on empathic storytelling and musical innovation than fashion or attitude; the Top Forty hitmaker ambivalent about the spotlight; the global activist whose Real World label and collaborations introduced pivotal non-Western acts to new audiences; the elder statesman inspiring a new generation of singer-songwriters.

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He’s always been an innovator and a seeker, at the forefront of the digital revolution
Chris Martin

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