Scotty Moore

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    Mike Stoller
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    Musical Excellence


The guitarist that changed the world.

Scotty Moore played in the jam session that launched Elvis Presley’s career, going on to back him during his golden years and on his comeback special. For some he was a sideman, but to stars like Keith Richards and Jeff Beck, Moore’s blistering licks were the main attraction.

Hall of Fame Essay


David McGee

“Scotty and Bill [Black] really evolved that rockabilly sound through discussions we had right there in the studio,” recalled Sam Phillips. “I credit Scotty with being one of the easiest persons to work with and for having a real  desire to be innovative. His mind was always open and that was an awful lot of help to me…

He had been around the studio for a while, hoping that there was some way I could use him. He was sympathetic to what I was trying to  do - come up with something a little different. One thing I did not like was that Scotty was a great fan of Chet Atkins, because I didn’t have that kind of playing in mind. But, like I say, he was willing to try something else and was real keen to succeed.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program 2000
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