Tom Donahue

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    Bob Krasnow
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    Ahmet Ertegun Award
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Tom Donahue ignited a radio revolution.

Donahue is called is the “Father of Progressive Radio,” and for good reason; he played music from different generations with his own opinions sprinkled throughout the set. His authoritative yet contrarian persona was beloved by San Francisco listeners.



Hall of Fame Essay


Ben Fong-Torres

In that basso profundo of his that made teenage listeners think of Top 40 DJs as gods, “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue used to open his show with a rumbling but somehow friendly warning: “I’m here to mess up your mind and clear up your face.”

He did that, and more. He wound up changing the face-and sound- of radio itself. It was Donahue who was most  responsible for free-form radio and for the album-oriented format into which it ultimately evolved, and it was the  success of his stations and their brethren elsewhere that jolted FM radio into commercial life in the late ’60s.

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