Tom Dowd

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    Robbie Robertson (The Band)
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    Musical Excellence
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Tom Dowd was the man behind the curtain for countless musical wizards.

He has worked with Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Cream, Rod Stewart, the Allman Brothers Band and more. His inventive genius and technical skill combined with his musical talent made him one of the best producers in the business.



Hall of Fame Essay


Rob Bowman

Aside from a handful of fervent record collectors, Tom Dowd remains virtually unknown to the general public.

But to those in the industry— players, engineers, producers, and record executives alike—Dowd was a sonic sorcerer, capable of wizard-level alchemy when it came to capturing sound on tape. Just as important, both as an engineer and a producer, he had the patience of Job and the personality of a saint.

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he recorded a song with Ray Charles called "What’d I Say." Everybody said, "What a sound."
Robbie Robertson



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