The Ventures

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    John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
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The quintessential instrumental rock and roll band.

Few bands are as prolific as the Ventures—they released thirty-seven albums in twelve years, many of them thematic. They rocked America in the sixties and went on to lasting international fame and influence.



Hall of Fame Essay


John Teagle

Fifty years ago, a pair of Tacoma, Washington, construction workers — Bob Bogle and Don Wilson — began picking guitars together in their spare time. The band they formed - the Ventures—would establish itself as the premier guitar-based combo in America.

Beginning with 1960’s “Walk Don’t Run,” the Ventures created a body of work that remains untouchable by any other instrumental group in the history of rock & roll. The band’s influence has extended from nascent surf music to the British Invasion, garage rock, psychedelia, heavy metal, new wave, and beyond.

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The sound of it became surf music, and the audacity of it empowered guitar players everywhere.
John Fogerty



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