The Yardbirds

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Short-lived but influential, the Yardbirds blazed a trail for new genres and gave some of rock’s best guitarists their start.

They started as a blues cover band, but their rave ups and innovations in feedback and distortion shaped such diverse genres as psychedelic rock, prog rock and punk.



Hall of Fame Essay


Michael Hill

They were the progenitors of psychedelic pop.

Their sound inspired young Americans to pick up guitars and head for the garage. They launched the careers of three of rock’s most cele­brated guitarists —Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page — and set the stage, halfway through the Sixties, for the al­bum-oriented hard rock of the Seventies.  

But in 1964 at Lon­don’s Marquee Club, kicking off the live recording of their British debut album, they were introduced as “the most blueswailing Yardbirds.”

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In a million garages, young men were hunched over Les Paul copies, trying to find any stray semitone that Beck, Clapton, or Page hadn’t used.
The Edge



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