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    Alex Lifeson & Geddy Lee (Rush)
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Yes pushed the boundaries of rock, expanding the musical experience–on record and in concert.

They created complex, progressive, and virtuosic rock suites built on influences ranging from psychedelic rock to classical music.



Hall of Fame Essay


Ashley Kahn

Not so long ago, a home stereo was a portal into a realm of hyper-sensory interstellar travel.

One could drop the needle on the edge of the LP, turn up the volume, stare at the album cover’s colorful, hallucinatory landscapes, and let the music take you along galactic pathways to undiscovered planets.

Piloting such sonic voyages was a talented group of creative musicians who combined centuries-old musical traditions with the latest tools and an immense spectrum of sounds: symphonic strings, cathedral organs, driving rock drums, meticulous jazz improvisation, offbeat time signatures, dramatic rhythmic shifts. Over all soared vocal harmonies and mystical lyrics.

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2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Yes
Yes is still echoing, showing me that music truly is a continuum.
Geddy Lee



Yes - Drama
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