ZZ Top

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    Keith Richards
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The rough and gruff Texan band had a reverence for their roots, but never took themselves too seriously.

ZZ Top charmed millions with their party anthems and brash music videos. Their mammoth tours solidified a nationwide following and featured everything from Texas-shaped stages to live rattlesnakes.



Hall of Fame Essay


Tom Vickers

After thirty-five years as the world’s longest-running band with no personnel changes, ZZ Top is instantly recognizable, by both sight and sound.

ZZ Top’s beards and blues-based Texas rock have made the band a cultural icon. Their likenesses have appeared in The New Yorker- a cartoon depicting a long-bearded police officer, captioned “ZZ Cop” - and in an episode of The Simpsons in which Bart spies three Hasidim and yells, “Hey, look. It’s ZZ Top. You guys rock!”

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these cats know their blues, and they know how to dress it up.
Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)