Laura Nyro

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    Bette Midler
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Laura Nyro


Laura Nyro was, above all, original.

Her unflinching confessional lyrics and audacious rhythmic shifts made her an idol and trailblazer for such stars as Elton John and Kate Bush. Nyro’s commercial success doesn’t reflect her talent, but her work will endure for generations.

Hall of Fame Essay


Jim Farber

Motown pop? Girl-group pastiche? Or something from the classical world?

All those genres had a hand in her inimitable style. The unconventional keys and startling tempo changes indicated jazz. The theatrical melodies spoke of Broadway. The introspection in the songs said singer-songwriter, while the soulfulness of the tunes played straight to the heart of Berry Gordy.

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she was the very essence of New York City: passionate, romantic, ethereal, eternal.
Bette Midler