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Les Paul

Les Paul

  • Year:
  • Inducted by:
    Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds)
  • Category:
    Early Influences
Les Paul

Hall of Fame Essay


Andy Schwartz

Les Paul is an influential jazz guitarist and best-selling pop hitmaker, Les Paul holds a special place in the pantheon  of American musical greats. 

As a prolific inventor responsible for the development of multitrack recording and the solid-body electric guitar, he is part of a homespun tradition of scientific wizards that includes Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 1988
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1988 Inductee Les Paul with Paul McCartney

have a lot of fun with my toys.

Les Paul



 c. 1971 Electra X320 Electric Guitar
circa-1971 Electra X320 Electric Guitar

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