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Peter Gabriel

Induction category: Performer


Peter Gabriel’s influence is so widespread we may take it for granted. When the rest of rock was simplifying in the new wave days, the former Genesis frontman blended synthesizers and a signature gated drum sound with an emotional honesty learned from soul music to create a sensibility that would influence artists from U2 to Arcade Fire to Depeche Mode. With extraordinary ambition, Gabriel transitioned from cult artist to multimedia pop star to global rock icon. His WOMAD festival has been a 33-year laboratory for musical cross-pollination. The epic song “Biko” directly inspired the Artists Against Apartheid movement as he spearheaded ...

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Peter Gabriel Highlights

"Because this is a recognition for all your work, it means a lot more  to me than an award for a single or an album. It’s also great to get some acknowledgement from your peers. I’m looking forward to coming in April".

- Peter Gabriel

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