The Small Faces/Faces

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    Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band)
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It takes two.

Two bands that is. The (Small) Faces gave rock the best of both worlds with their original incarnation as mod hipsters and eventual transformation to raucously joyous boogie-blues rockers.


Hall of Fame Essay


Ashley Kahn

There are groups that are about to rock, and bands that simply, rock. There are those that prepare and primp until every power chord is just so, and there are those that power up instinctively—guilelessly— with a generosity of spirit that doesn’t fade over time.

The Small Faces and the Faces are kings of that latter category, two bands forming the distinct halves of one unlikely continuum—a shared timeline that writer David Fricke rightly describes as one of rock & roll’s most “improbable second-comings.”

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they made some of the most soulful, beautiful music anyone’s ever made
Stevie Van Zandt