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The Hollies

Induction category: Performer
Presented by: Steve Van Zandt


Bernie Calvert (bass; born September 16, 1943), Allan Clarke (vocals; born April 15, 1942), Bobby Elliott (drums; born December 8, 1942), Eric Haydock (bass; born February 3, 1943), Tony Hicks (guitar; born December 16, 1945), Graham Nash (vocals, guitar; born February 2, 1942), Terry Sylvester (vocals, guitar; born January 8, 1947)   The Hollies’ rich, multi-part harmonies – sung over consistently sharp, beat-group arrangements – made them one of the most musically appealing and popular bands of the British Invasion. Indeed, the Hollies charted more hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 from 1964 to 1975 than any other British band except for the Beatles, Dave Clark Five ...

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The Hollies Highlights

"It was rock and roll that provided our common ground, our means of communication, our education, our means of venting our frustrations, our strength against the fear of growing up. It gave us hope and faith and somehow instilled in us a belief that there would be a future. It replaced everything our parents, our schools, and our society had taught us, and it would become our common religion."

- Little Steven inducts the Hollies

"This thing we do, it's beautiful. Making music, creating art, inspiring people...motivating people... making people feel good...helping them understand a little bit about life, helping them get through the day...feel a little less confused...a little less alone. What Andrew Loog Oldham called the Industry of Human Happiness. It is truly a divine craft that we work our hands in."

- Little Steven inducts the Hollies

"The Beatles would name their group after the Crickets, the Hollies after their lead singer Buddy, and would arrive on our shores with their British Invasion brothers and sisters just in time to save my life."

- Little Steven inducts the Hollies

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