Van Morrison

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    Robbie Robertson (The Band)
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Consistent. Steadfast. Enigmatic. Van Morrison is an artist in the purest sense.

Van Morrison’s body of work is one of outstanding quality and quantity. His songs are like the incantation of a mystic, bewitching listeners with intricate lyrics and that unforgettable voice.



Hall of Fame Essay


Paul McGuiness

Who am I to speak of Van Morrison?

I suppose that the assumption is that since we're all from the same small island, we all must know each other. The  truth of the matter is that I really haven’t had the good fortune to experience firsthand the famously crankyVan the Man personally. 

Back in my early days when I was a concert promoter for about five minutes, I did book a band called the Others, who were always to be billed as “The Others (drummer ex-Them),” but that was about as close as I got. Still, it’s oddly comforting to know that Van Morrison would probably find a reason to object to who­ever was asked to write something about him.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Program Cover 1993
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he is the Caruso of rock and roll
Robbie Robertson



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Van Morrison - Gallery Image 1

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